brittany sherrod, 2017 by tarah douglas

brittany sherrod, 2017 by tarah douglas


brittany sherrod, 2017, Archival inkjet print on Epson Hot Press Bright,
12 x 16 inches, AP 1/4, Signed with certificate of authenticity

tarah douglas is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is primarily centered around photography, fiber works, and graphic explorations. Her work is conceptually motivated, grappling with notions of identity, race, gender, and class through the lens of mysticism, ritual, and performance. By extending beyond aesthetic purposes, these pieces speak about the phenomenon of existence—existing within a culture and existing without a culture, and acknowledging the impact of these cultures imposing themselves upon a subject. In this way, each of her works pose questions in hopes to open a dialogue around the subject matter.

tarah holds a BFA from University of Michigan. She lives and works in Newark, NJ.

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